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Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting


Intelligent and effective use of technology is vital to an organisation's success. Smooth running systems and electronic business processes are a primary requirement to remain competitive, drive down costs and increase customer satisfaction levels. Successful organisations face an expectation to have a fully integrated and interactive e-strategy which encompasses the use of the internet and latest technologies to meet customer demands and expectations. RSM can offer you access to in-house technology teams who will combine sound business knowledge with proven software experience to offer you intelligent technology-based solutions.

We partner with the following top-tier software company to provide the best business application solutions to RSM customers.

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Our services include:

technology_simple_icon_blue_png_2_75x75.png ERP & CRM Implementation: implement, optimize and support Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Kingdee and Youyou ERP solutions
cyber_security_basic_icons_blue_2_74x75.png Managed IT: provide temporary or permanent outsourced IT solution on network, file server, email, application, database maintenance
cyber_security_basic_icons_blue_7_65x75.png Project Management: offer professional project management services for technology implementation projects
cyber_security_basic_icons_blue_8_72x75.png Business Intelligence: perform data cleansing and implement business intelligence tools to delivery insightful analytics
technology_simple_icon_blue_png_4_75x75.png Software Selection: provide guidance on software selection and recommend the most appropriate accounting, ERP or CRM software for your company
technology_simple_icon_blue_png_15_75x75.png Technology Due Diligence: estimate the capital expenditure and future running costs of the on-premise or cloud IT infrastructure
technology_simple_icon_blue_png_5_75x75.png WeChat Page Development: setup the Corporate WeChat page on behalf of non-Chinese company that can enhance brand awareness in the Chinese market
cyber_security_basic_icons_blue_1_73x75.png Cloud Infrastructure: IT infrastructure services, including information systems planning, data management and integration


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